Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny

Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny


State Scientific Institution “The Joint Institute for Power fnd Nuclear Research – Sosny

Postal address:
P.O. box 119 , Minsk BY-220109, Belarus

Legal address:
47/22 Prilesye district,
Lugovaya Sloboda village council,
Minsk district, 223063 Minsk region, Belarus

Fax:+ 375 (17) 374-83-35

First Director of the Institution

Andrew Kapitonovich Krasin (21.05.1911 – 28.03.1981) is a great nuclear power energy scientist. He was an academician of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1960), doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (1955), professor (1957). He was awarded by the name of Honored Science and Techniques Worker of BSSR (1968).He participated in Great Patriotic War. He graduated Tomsk University in 1934. In period 1934-1940 he worked in Siberian physical and technical Institution and in Tomsk University as senior lecturer. In 1945 A.K. Krasin worked in I.V. Kurchatov laboratory.

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From 1946 he worked in Obninsk Physical-Energetic Institution – as a scientific vise-director, then in 1956-1959 as director and in 1959-1961 as a researcher. In 1961 he becomes a leader of atomic energy department in the Institute of Energy of AS BSSR. In 1965-1977 he was a director of Nuclear Energy Institution of AS BSSR. Simultaneously, he was Academician-Secretary of Physical-Engineering Science Department of AS BSSR. From 1977 he was a head of hydrogen energetics laboratory of Heat and Mass Transfer Institution of AS BSSR.

Scientific research of Krasin was devoted to physics of interactions between radiation and substances, development and building nuclear power stations. He participated in creation of the first in the world Beloyarsk nuclear power plant (Obninsk). He participate also in development of reactors and heat-transfer agents

He was ordered by Lenin premium in 1957 for the development of the first in the world nuclear power plant. He is an author of more than 350 scientific works and special developments, 3 books and several inventions.

A. K. Krasin was ordered by Lenin order (1958), October revolution order (1971), order of Patriotic War II-degree (1945) and several medals.

Main publications: Energetic nuclear reactors, M. 1957; Atomic electrical power stations, M. 1959; Reactors of nuclear power plants, Minsk, 1971.

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News and Events:


Loading of the fuel assemblies simulators into the reactor vessel of Belarusian NPP second power unit has been completed

Total number of the loading simulators is 163. Loading of the fuel assemblies simulators into the reactor vessel of Belarusian NPP second power unit has been completed (Belarusian NPP) Fuel assembly simulators are an exact copy of fuel assemblies, completely repeating their d...


The first power unit of Belarusian NPP was powered up

According to the pilot production program (Belarusian NPP), the routine maintenance and inspections will be continued at the first power unit. Preparedness to the integrated testing of the equipment of the first unit at the reactor plant nominal power measure has been began. I...


Belarusian nuclear power plant expected to meet 40% of domestic energy needs

About 40% of energy Belarus needs will be generated by the Belarusian nuclear power plant (BelNPP), Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich said as he met with the labor collective of the CHPP-5 branch of the Minskenergo company, BelTA learned from the press service of the Energy Mini...

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