Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny | Departments

Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny



Laboratories of:

Nuclear Physics and Ecology Technologies # 02;

Modeling of Processes of Pollution Transfer in the Objects of the Environment #03;

Rehabilitation of Technogenic Polluted Territories # 04;

Radiation-Chemical Research of the Environment # 05;

Radionuclides (metal ions) species in Solutions # 06;

Experimental Nuclear Physics Research and Expert Analyses of Radioactive Materials # 13;

Radiation and Energy Technology Research # 14;

Modeling of Nonlinear Processes in Power Engineering # 17;

  • Nuclear Reactors Physics # 18;

    Heat and Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamics in Power Engineering Equipment #19;

    Neutron Physics # 21

    Nuclear Physics Constants # 23;

    Radiation-Chemical Processes # 24;

    Nuclear Physics and Safety Problems # 28;

    Power Engineering Planning, Technical Regulatory Acts Drawing, Expert Analysis of Materials, and Scientific and Organizational Support for State Programme # 29;

    Simulations and Supercomputing Technologies in Nuclear Physics and Power Engineering # 30;

    Experimental Physics and Nuclear Safety of Reactor Facilities # 33;

    System Research of Nuclear Power Engineering Complex # 34;

    Departments of:

    Scientific and Technical Information;

    International Cooperation;

    Radiation Equipment and Technologies;

    Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials and Installations;

    Operation of Technological Systems of Storage Facility and of Storages for Ionizing Radiation Sources and Radioactive Waste;

    Nuclear Safety;

    Radiation Safety.