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Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny


Department of Scientific and Technical Information

Since the establishment of the institute, along with the development of all scientific areas, auxiliary services have been formed: departments of scientific and technical information and editorial and publishing work. Their tasks were informational, analytical and organizational support of the institute’s scientific activities: international relations, library resources, participation in conferences, production of informational and scientific products, as well as patent and licensing work.

The departments employed leading engineers, translators, librarians, editors, printing machine operators, bookbinders. The first leaders who headed the departments were Yu.S. Panitkov and N.P. Pakhomovich. Over the years, such employees as A.S.Salnikova, N.A. Pozharskaya (preparation of research works), L.A. Nekrasova (scientific and organizational work), G.V. Manuilova (patent activity), I.P. Shankin (foreign transfers), F.I. Malykhina (printing industry), L.S. Thrush (bookbinding) and others made a great contribution to the work of these units.

Currently, under the guidance of the scientific secretary, the Institute is successfully carrying out work: scientific-organizational, patent-licensed, library, postgraduate studies and a specialized council for the defense of dissertations are functioning under the supervision of Dr. Sc. A.G. Trifonova. The institute has a printing service engaged in the production of scientific products, paperwork, as well as advertising and exhibition work. The activities of these services are aimed at facilitating the implementation of plans and solving the scientific tasks of the entire institute.