State Scientific Institution "JIPNR-Sosny" NAS of Belarus



Nuclear physical facility “Yalina”

Yalina The subcritical facility Yalina is the unique, the only one of its kind in Europe to carry out the fundamental and applied investigations on neutronics of Accelerator Driven Systems, transmutation of long-lived radioactive waste, nuclear safety of the reactors and neutron-activation analysis.

Critical Facility “Hyacinth”

The facility is created to carry out the fundamental research on physics of nuclear reactors and radiation shielding, nuclear safety, criticality of nuclear materials, the applied research on the ground of the development of new generation of the nuclear reactors and nuclear power.

Supercomputer data center

The Institute has a modern supercomputer data center. In the data center installed and used supercomputer SKIF K-500 and storage systems. Access to data center resources provided by the Grid

Simulator of NPP with VVER

At the training center “JIPNR-Sosny” is installed:
Analytical NPP simulator for modeling work units in different modes of operation in real time, as well as a incident simulator THOMAS-1

Radioactive waste management

The main practical tasks for the Republic of Belarus in the field of radioactive waste management and disposal are to finish radioactive waste disposal facility reconstruction and provide radio-ecological safety of this facility; to select a site and to build new radioactive waste disposal facility; to analyze the potential risk of disposal facilities in Lithuania and the Ukraine being built nearby the Belarusian border and to reduce radio-ecological risk for inhabitants.

Electron Accelerator UELV-10-10

Radiation-technological complex based on multi-electron accelerator UELV-10-10 is designed for fundamental and applied research of the interactions between material and powerful relativistic electron beams.

Gamma Installation UGU-420

In the recent years the Institute has been actively developing radiation technologies, to include:


Isotope Technologies

The Belarusian-Russian Joint Venture Isotope Technologies was founded in 1998 by leading research centers of Belarus and Russia: Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research-Sosny (Minsk, Belarus) and the JSC RF State Research Center Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (NIIAR) (Dimitrovgrad, Russia).

Technology of Electrolyte-plasma Processing of Metals and Alloys

Technology of electrolyte-plasma processing of surface of the items made of conductive materials is based on usage of spontaneous pulsed electrical discharges in progress close to the surface of the item under processing down-dropped in a pool filled with special solution of non-aggressive chemical elements.