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Department of Radiation Equipment and Technologies

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The Department of Radiation Engineering and Technology was created in 1971 to solve the problems of developing radiation technologies and introducing them into the national economy in the field of radiation chemistry, radiation biology and radiation resistance of materials and products. He simultaneously solved a number of scientific problems in the field of materials science and radio electronics. In addition, the department was engaged in the creation of a radiation base, its maintenance and operation. The department is engaged in the maintenance and operation of the powerful universal gamma unit UGU-420. The unit was commissioned in 1969. The design load of the gamma installation is 15.5 1015 Bq. As of January 1, 2012, the total activity of the two irradiators will be 6.3 1015 Bq. 1106 highly active cobalt sources are loaded in the irradiators of the gamma installation. In terms of biological protection, the gamma unit UGU-420 refers to “water-dry.” As biological protection, water and concrete are used. Irradiation of objects is carried out in two “dry” working chambers of 33 m3 each. Two gamma-ray irradiators have a geometric configuration in the form of two plane-parallel plates. The design of the installation allows you to collect the irradiators in the form of a cylinder, ellipse and other geometry

The main areas of research:

  • development of radiation technological processes;
  • participation in research work in the field of materials science and radiation resistance of materials and products;
  • participation in the creation, maintenance, operation, diagnosis and decommissioning of radiation facilities;
  • development and design of a regulatory and technical base in the field of the use of ionizing radiation sources and radiation devices and installations;

The main directions of work

The department is engaged in the development of radiation technologies and the radiation processing of products and materials according to the technologies developed by the department.
Thanks to the work of the department, the Ministry of Health of Belarus will receive high-quality medicinal raw materials and sterile medical products