State Scientific Institution "JIPNR-Sosny" NAS of Belarus


Laboratory of Power Engineering Planning, Technical Regulatory Acts Drawing, Expert Analysis of Materials, and Scientific and Organizational Support for State Programme # 29

Head of Laboratory:

Alexander Trifonov Dr.S. in Engineering Sciences


Tel .: +375 (17) 397-49-14; +375 (17) 338-14-33

Fax: +375 (17) 374-83-35


The laboratory of energy planning, the development of technical regulations, expert analysis of materials and scientific and organizational support of the state program was established on October 25, 2009 on the basis of several laboratories. Thanks to this, the team brought together qualified employees of various specialties (neutron physics, thermophysics, industrial control systems and others) with extensive experience in experimental and theoretical research, development and testing of equipment and commissioning of the Pamir-630D mobile nuclear power plant.

The main directions of scientific research

In the field of basic research, the laboratory carries out work on nuclear energy, economics, organization, management, planning and forecasting.
In accordance with these directions, the following tasks are solved:

  • development of a system for ensuring nuclear, radiation and environmental safety of a nuclear power plant at recommended sites in the Republic of Belarus;
  • development of technical regulatory legal acts in the field of safe use of atomic energy;
  • expert analysis of materials and reporting documents on the problem of atomic energy use.

The laboratory provides scientific and organizational support for the State program “Scientific support for the development of nuclear energy in the Republic of Belarus for 2009–2010 and for the period until 2020”.
Within the framework of the State Program, technical regulatory legal acts on the safe development of nuclear energy in the Republic of Belarus are being developed.
The laboratory coordinates the work and actively interacts with customers, performers and co-contractors on the instructions of the State Program, research and economic contractual work.
During the existence of the laboratory, more than 100 technical regulatory legal acts have been developed that ensure the safe development of nuclear energy in the Republic of Belarus.