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Technology of electrolyte-plasma processing of metals and alloys

Technology of electrolyte-plasma processing of metals and alloys is used nowadays at many factories in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, China and other countries.

Technology description

Technology of electrolyte-plasma processing of surface of the items made of conductive materials is based on usage of spontaneous pulsed electrical discharges in progress close to the surface of the item under processing down-dropped in a pool filled with special solution of non-aggressive chemical elements.

Materials processable

    – stainless and low-alloy carbon steel;
    non-ferrous metals and their alloys (copper, brass, bronze, cupronickel and others);
    – aluminium and its alloys;
    – titanium and its alloys, and other conductive materials.

Machines for electrolyte-plasma processing of metals and alloys

The electrolyte-plasma processing equipment includes three basic components: subordinate module, power supply and control board.


    – polishing of items with irregular design of various metals and alloys till high luster;
    – decorative polishing of composite surfaces;
    – parts surfaces preparation for subsequent application of various coatings;
    – burrs square-wave stripping and sharp edges rounding-off.

Technical characteristics of the machine

    – undulation attainable – Ra, mkm 0.08 – 0.05;
    – processing time (depending on the initial and required undulation) 0.5 – 10 min;
    – specific energy consumption, 0.05 – 0.5 kWh/dm2.

Competitive advantages

Productivity and economic efficiency of technological operations are 5-6 times higher than those of the mechanical method and 3-4 times higher that those of the electrochemical method of processing on the basis of acid solutions.The technology guarantees practically complete ecological safety of the polishing process.

Enhances operational properties of

    – corrosion resistance (a 2.1 times reduction of the corrosion current density on the steel ЭИ 961);
    – strength properties, a 10-12% enhancement of the endurance limit;
    – resistance to particulate erosion.

Patent protection

Patent of the RB for the invention #14504; #14333; #14020; #13937; #12957; #11809; #11808; #11206; #9204;#8425; #8424; #7570; #7291


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