State Scientific Institution "JIPNR-Sosny" NAS of Belarus


Department for the physical protection of nuclear materials and installations

Head of the Department:


E-mail: vg@sosny.bas-net.byy

Tel.: +375 (17) 373-18-75

Fax: +375 (17) 374-83-35

Information about the department

General information about the department: The department consists of three sectors:
– Sector of Physical Protection
– Sector of Physical Protection of Ionizing Radiation Sources
– Sector of Perimeter Alarm
The department employs 17 people.

Main goal:

The main activity of the department of PP of Nuclear Materials and Installations is to prevent unauthorized actions with regard to nuclear materials and sources of ionizing radiation with the aim of stealing or committing acts of sabotage.

The tasks of the department are:

To equip and supply protected areas with engineering and technical means of physical protection
Installation and operation of engineering and technical means of physical protection (then – ETMPP).
Development of local normative legal acts that take into account the specifics of the functioning of PPS.
The use of optical-electronic surveillance and assessment systems around the perimeter of protected areas, checkpoints, protected buildings, facilities, premises and access to them.
The use of security alarm systems, technical means of detection of which are located along the perimeter of protected areas, buildings, structures, premises, as well as inside buildings, premises.
Operation of equipment and communication lines of the Institute.
Monitoring the condition and working capacity of ETMPP.